School Age Programs

The children in our Before and After Care Program start the day with a quiet time of games and art in the morning before they get onboard the school bus at 8:00 AM and transport them to Bauder and Oakhurst Elementary Schools. Afterschool children return on our bus and enjoy an afternoon of play, snack, homework time and fun learning activities

The playground is only for them full of play equipment that their age will enjoy. Items like swings, large sand box, large climbing fort, climbers, ball catchers, and large ball play area. Our students love kick ball, flag football, and soccer. They also are “Our Master Gardeners.” We have a large garden we plant several times during the year. We use this to build health eating habits and knowledge about where vegetables come from.

Our summer camp for school age children is designed for their interests. The children usually go on 3 or 4 field trip during each week to places like the movies, roller skating, bowling, museums, the library, plays and special events. These are only a few of the places they go. On days that they stay at the center Ms. Cloud schedules visitors, art projects, water play, bounce houses, etc. Our summer program is based on the idea that the children need to have fun and socialize with their friends.

For more information on any of these programs please come by for a tour and see the program in action.

Meals at Oakhurst

Well-balanced nutritious and appetizing lunch and snacks are served to the children.

The goal of our program is to introduce different types of foods and to help teach good eating habits.

We will avoid serving overly sweet items and encourage children to appreciate the natural flavors of a variety of wholesome foods.

Before Care
Before care is provided as a safe place for parent’s to leave their school age children and be ensured they will arrive safely and on-time to their assigned Elementary School. Children are typically at the Center for less than an hour. Therefore no special activities are planned for them. We do however make games, books, and art supplies available to occupy them. They often initiate group games and discussions that staff will help facilitate and monitor for appropriate behaviors.
After Care
Our After Care program is divided into 2 groups K-1st grade and 2nd –5th grade.

The K-1st grade group has a lesson plan they follow. The children have a 15 minute homework time and a 20 minute indoor activity time.

The 2nd thru 5th-grade group has a lesson plan they follow as well. In addition to homework time that lasts from 30 to 45 minutes, there is ample opportunity for physical outdoor play and challenging indoor mental activities. If a child has no homework they are permitted to read or do an arts and crafts project.

During the school year, the school-age children have “half days”. On these days the Center picks them up from school and takes them to a local park for an hour or so. On the days when public schools are closed, we plan field trips to local activities and events such as bowling, skating, or amusement centers.

Summer Camp Program
During the summer when public schools are not in session we have our Oakhurst Summer Camp program. Parents of children K-5 may sign up their child for this program. These weeks are full of fun field trips, interesting visitors, and exciting projects. We take an average of 3-4 field trips to local attractions per week.

The program recognizes that summer should be a vacation for the children and not school. Although we plan and provide activities that reinforce reading skills, math skills, and exploration. We take extra effort to plan field trips that will provide a fun learning experience for the children.

School Age Program Staff

Ms. Cloud: Room 2 – School Age and School Age Coordinator

Hello, my name is Ms. Cloud. I have been at Oakhurst for the past 19 years. I enjoy working with school-age children. I am the school-age coordinator at Oakhurst Learning Center. My job is to design summer camp, school breaks, and all that goes on with all the groups of school-age children at our center. In the morning I assist the other classrooms with what they need or sub for an absent staff member. School event planning is another major part of my job. I have my CDA, CPR, and First Aid certificates. I like to read and write poetry, draw, take pictures, and learn about various cultures. I’ve been privileged to have been a teacher of the year twice by the parents and administration at Oakhurst.

Pastor Bob Richardson – School Age Teacher and Bus Driver

Mr. Richardson is a retired Pinellas County School bus driver with over 15 years of experience.  Currently, Mr. Richardson is the Senior Pastor at Seminole Christian Fellowship, and in his free time, he works as a substitute teacher at Pinellas County Preparatory working with children K-8. He is also Ms. Caylie’s father! He is our seasoned bus driver and school-age teacher.

Mr. Richardson attended The State University of New York at Oswego for Broadcasting and Graduated from Florida Beacon with a Bachelor of Biblical Theology. He was also a specialist in the Military Intelligence Corps.


What can I say but to describe Oakhurst as “Where the love to learn begins”. You have such a great school and great staid. It has really been a pleasure having [our daughter] attend Oakhurst. Kudos to you and yours!!! It has really been a great 3 years.

[Our daughter] has always loved her teachers, loved coming to school, enjoyed her day and always talked about what she has learned. She has always amazed me when she tells me what she has accomplished and the VPK has done wonders. I am very confident that when she moved onto Kindergarten she will be ready.

Your teachers have touch so much in a such a short time. Preparing the children for the next level is a huge challenge. I also strongly believe that their educational foundation starts with you. You have showed them the importance of education and how learning is fun. They will take this knowledge with them as they continue to grow. Without a strong foundation your bridges are longer and higher. Thank you so very much!

Evan though [our daughter] will still be attending Oakhurst for the Before/After care program, summer time / holidays, etc., she will miss her daily time with all the teachers. She is really excited to get to ride the bus!!

We are also very excited to have our son…start Oakhurst in July. We know, once again, that he will get a great educational foundation.

Thank you so very much. You are thought of each day and we appreciate you. We are proud to say our children attend Oakhurst Learning Center!!!!!

Very truly yours,

— Parent of 2 Oakhurst students