Welcome to Oakhurst Learning Center!

We’re a Largo child care facility that opened its doors in this community in 1974. The purpose of Oakhurst Learning Center is to support our community families, and provide quality programming. To accomplish these ends the Center provides a safe, consistent and enriched environment where developmentally appropriate activities encourage exploration and “hands on” learning.”

General Information

Oakhurst Learning Center provides children with a caring, safe and secure environment that utilizes a child-centered curriculum. This curriculum is based on the emotional, physical, social and cognitive needs of the individual child. The developmental needs of the child are used to determine appropriate activities carried out with that child. Because children grow and develop at different rates, this approach offers them the opportunity to explore each area of development at their own pace.

The Oakhurst Learning Center staff creates an atmosphere of support and affection as well as providing the materials, equipment required to optimize the experiences of each child. They also serve as examples to the children, since children learn as much by observing others as they do by direct instruction. The teaching staff acts as facilitators rather than directors of activities.

We hope your family will open our Center door many times and take an active interest in your child’s activities. Schools of quality exist when parents and teachers are partners, working together. Your child comes to our Center with a distinct personality. It is our aim to preserve his/her individuality while introducing them to the work and play of learning with others. We realize you are very busy, but it is extremely important that your child knows how truly interested you are in everything he/she does. Showing a genuine interest in your child’s work will show him/her that you value their efforts.

Oakhurst Learning Center will provide services for young children from the ages of one through five years, and school-age children before and after school from the ages of five to eleven (K-5). The Center will provide a caring, safe, secure, and stimulating environment that provides a developmentally centered curriculum

All of the developmental areas of early childhood will be incorporated into an integrated “play as work” organizational concept. These developmental areas will include fine and gross motor development, social skills, moral development, self-help skills, cognitive skills, and pre-academic skills. No single skill area will be emphasized over any other.

As part of the services of the Center, children will receive nutritious meals and snacks. Parent involvement will be an ongoing part of the Center’s activities. It is a fundamental concept in early childhood education that parents are a child’s most important teachers. The staff works hard to create strong relationships between the Center and home. It is our hope that our school will become an extension of your family.

The indoor environment is carefully planned based on an assessment of each child’s skills. Planning is most obvious by the presence of “interest centers” in every classroom. These centers include art, dramatic play, manipulative or small motor skills, gross motor play or blocks, sand, water, books, listening, etc.

Teachers make available a wide variety of activities in each “interest center.” Children are encouraged to explore all interest centers. Teachers provide an external structure for the day and provide the children time to work in the centers. Their exploration of the environment is usually self-initiated. Because of the variety of materials, children can learn several different skills in each center. Creativity is enhanced by the open-endedness of the learning materials. Allowing children to choose their own activities also promotes a sense of responsibility and empowerment.

The outdoor environment has been carefully planned to become an important element in the child’s daily life. Selection and placement of equipment was carefully thought out to provide a variety of large motor, small motor, exploration, and dramatic play activities. Our outside environment is just as important to our overall program.

Our Goals
The goals established by the purposes and philosophies of the Center are:

  • To provide a safe, consistent and enriched environment where developmentally appropriate activities encourage exploration and “hands on” learning experiences.
  • To enhance the sense of dignity and self-worth within the child and his/her family.
  • To encourage spontaneity, curiosity and self-discipline.
  • To enhance the child’s mental processes by building confidence and self-esteem.
  • To enhance patterns and expectations of success for the individual child.
  • To learn to manage feelings.
  • To continue growth in language and mathematical skills.
  • To develop the ability to organize, plan and to follow through on simple tasks.
  • To learn to enjoy a variety of nutritious foods through a quality lunch/snack program and cooking experiences.
  • To introduce children to the natural world and how to preserve it.
  • To provide consistently high quality care by continuously evaluating Center operations.
  • To maintain the lowest possible child to staff ratios.
  • To constantly encourage family involvement.
About Our Staff
The quality of any day care center is a direct reflection of its staff. Oakhurst Learning Center recognizes its employees as the Center’s most valuable component. The personnel policies reflect the respect felt for staff as professionals and provide a basis for understanding and meeting the needs of both the Center and the families. For this reason, we are committed to providing a working environment that exemplifies cooperation and support. Our Teachers exceed the minimum requirements set forth by the State of Florida for qualification and annual training. All primary teachers are either degreed from an accredited institution or have CDA credentials. All personnel are required to take 24 additional hours of training each year. All staff members are required to obtain certification in Infant/Child CPR and Basic First Aid.

All employees are required to undergo an initial security background investigation as a condition of employment and periodic updates for continued employment. We only employ personnel of good moral character, free of mental illness, in good health, and meeting or exceeding established minimum age and educational requirements. We do not hire individuals convicted of abuse and/or neglect of any individual, child or adult. We only accept teachers with a commitment to parents and children. In order to optimize your child’s growth and development, we hire teachers who are interested in providing quality care and stimulating environments. Oakhurst Learning Center is a Drug Free Workplace as well as a Safe Workplace defined by our guide lines with the Drug Free Workplace Program we belong to currently.

Staff Bios

Mrs. Lisa Hall: Administrator

Welcome, I am currently the caretaker of Oakhurst Learning Center.

Originally I am from Ijamsville, Maryland. Yes, a farmer. For the past 22 years I have lived and raised my 3 children in Seminole. My husband and I purchased Oakhurst Learning Center 17 years ago. Rick and I have been married 32 long, long, long years.

My education consists of a B.A. from California State University, Fullerton, in Art and Illustration, an A.S. from St. Petersburg College in Early Childhood Education, a CDA in Early Childhood and Directorship, current cards in First Aide and Infant and child CPR.

“I have a married son in the Air force as a Fire Fighter, A daughter with a Communications B.A., and another daughter with an A.S. in Early Childhood Development. Currently, I am collecting grandchildren: I have six grandsons and two granddaughters!

I love to draw, knit, take classes, hike and read.

Mrs. Katie Snow: Office Manager

I grew up at Oakhurst Learning Center. I have been here since I was in the fifth grade when my mother, Lisa Hall became the caretaker of Oakhurst Learning Center. I would work weekends mulching playgrounds, cleaning classrooms and doing whatever needed to be done. When I was old enough I worked my summer breaks in the kitchen cooking for the children. I eventually got promoted to afternoon pre-k teacher before leaving for college.

After trying many different paths, I found myself back at Oakhurst. I love it here. I love the children, the staff, the families, even the mulch on the playgrounds 😊.

I live in Seminole with my husband and two children ( 1 and 3). I love reading, yoga, traveling, and spending time with family. You’ll find me at the turtle park and the beach whenever possible!

Mr. Jason Manetos: Director

Mr. M has been working at Oakhurst Learning Center for over two decades! He is an avid watcher of football and sports, has a superhero sized superhero collection that the children admire. He enjoys going to the gym and the beach in his free time.