Voluntary Pre-kindergarten (VPK)

The Florida Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program is a 540 hour state funded program that follows the Public School calendar. It is a very structured 3 hours of the children’s day that prepares children for kindergarten. This center offers the 3 hour VPK program as well as our VPK with wrap around care. The full day program (wrap around care) includes a nutritious lunch and afternoon snack. This program is available to all children the year before they are eligible for Kindergarten. We are available to help all families with the enrollment process and any questions they may have.

Children experiencing this program have an advantage upon entering Kindergarten. Our scores have been above average and this past year we received a score of 93 out of 100. This score is the result of the children from the prior year. The children are tested with the first 30 days of kindergarten to see if they were properly prepared for school. Our center has always scored exceptionally well.

During the VPK day children have outside and inside learning experiences with centers full of tools for language, literacy, small motor and gross motor development. Math, science, and art are popular subjects with the children. The teacher’s use circle time and small group time to introduce concepts, social and emotional learning experiences and fun games and songs.

If you are checking out our VPK program for your child you are welcome to come at any time but it is best during our VPK hours of 9:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Meals at Oakhurst

Well-balanced nutritious and appetizing lunch and snacks are served to the children.

The goal of our program is to introduce different types of foods and to help teach good eating habits.

We will avoid serving overly sweet items and encourage children to appreciate the natural flavors of a variety of wholesome foods.

VPK Program Staff

Mrs. Santos: Room 1

My name is Kathy Santos. I’ve been teaching pre-k for 24 years. I’ve been employed by Oakhurst Learning Center since 1997. I have 3 daughters and in my spare time I enjoy the beach, photography and shopping. While at Oakhurst I was nominated 2 years as teacher of the year by parents and staff.

Ms. Alicia: Room 4

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania with two older brothers and an older sister, and have lived in Florida for 13 years. I am credentialed with my CDA, currently finishing my Associates in Science concentrating on Early Childhood Education at St. Petersburg College. I plan to finish my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree focusing on Behavioral Therapy in the future. Working with children is my passion and I could not imagine myself working in any other field.


We so appreciate you and your staff. You and all of the teachers – those who have had [our son and our daughter], officially and unofficially have gone beyond the call so many times…especially since [we’ve] had such a bizarre schedule this year!

— Parent of 2 Oakhurst students