Special Activities at Oakhurst

Time To Sign

“Time to sign” is a program for young children to get them familiar with Sign Language. Each class does a 15 to 20 minute lesson plan once a week for 2 or 3 months during the year. The lessons are fun and interactive. Interesting themes like farm, family & community helpers are used to help the children learn to sign. This is at no extra cost to our families. Mrs. Hall is a trained trainer in “Time to Sign”

Yoga Programs

For the past 2 years Oakhurst Learning Center has offed Yoga to the children. This past year we lost our Yoga teacher and we are attempting to find another. The children love to movement and light exercise. Yoga teaches the children relaxation and control. It is just so much fun!

Gardening Programs

Several years ago we built a garden on the side of the center with the intent to see if the children had an interest in Gardening. That was an understatement to the results we received from those first 2 years of exploration. In 2013 we received a grant from the Early Learning Coalition to help expand this adventure. We moved our garden to the school age playground where it is attended by all the school age children almost every day. Our pre-school children help plant, explore and harvest the vegetables. Included in our garden are music garden, dinosaur garden, mud garden and fairy garden. It is an ever changing environment with the different growing seasons of Florida.

Computer Programs

This instruction is paid for by Oakhurst to make sure that the children entering public school are comfortable with using a computer and have knowledge of the parts and process of a computer. A computer is a necessary tool just as important as a pencil or crayon in their development.

Additional Programs
During the course of the school year Oakhurst Learning Center will have additional programs. Some of these activities have been dance, computer, yoga, health and nutrition, gardening, music, Spanish and sign language. At the beginning of each school year a list of what is being offered will be provided as well as any additional costs.